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  • 5 Things About Living With Autism In A Pandemic

    I have a video scheduled to go up next month looking back at the past couple years, and giving my thoughts on living with Autism through those two years, and everything that happened with them. This is a separate, more granular listicle, talking about small, granular, little things, that I observed about life in the

  • Thoughts on the OryCon Hiatus

    Thoughts on the OryCon Hiatus

    In 2021, after OryCon 42, the event is planning to go on hiatus until – minimum 2023 – after announcing an indefinite hiatus. This means, for at least next year, possibly longer if they don’t get volunteers, Oregon will be without a Lit-SF convention. As OryCon is the first lit-SF convention I went to, the

  • Autism, Intersectionality, and Asking Questions

    Autism, Intersectionality, and Asking Questions

    There’s a quote that came across my Tumblr recently on this post, from this article in Disability Studies Quarterly. Most autistic people who are capable of formulating questions have frequently experienced the following scenario: We ask for information that we need in order to prepare ourselves for a new experience. Instead of answering our questions,

  • Editorial: We Need Social Justice Resources for People On-Spectrum

    I am a person who wants to be involved in the, for lack of a better term, Social Justice Space. I’m also a person on the Autism Spectrum, and I’ve run a support group for people on the Autism Spectrum in my metroplex. I should parse that better – I’ve run, in my metroplex, a

  • Editorial – Slight Rant about 4K/HDR TVs

    I need to complain a little bit about the design and manufacturing of 4K TVs.

  • Who Is This Count Zero Person Anyway?

    So, I’ve been blogging on this site for several years, and have never done a proper introductory post. Perhaps now it’s time to fix that.

  • Welcome to the show

    Greetings all. This is, I hope, the start of a new chapter of my blogging history. It is my intent to update this blog a little more often then my previous blog through LiveJournal. Among other content I plan on using this blog for is review of media, be it games and movies that I