I am a person who wants to be involved in the, for lack of a better term, Social Justice Space. I’m also a person on the Autism Spectrum, and I’ve run a support group for people on the Autism Spectrum in my metroplex. I should parse that better – I’ve run, in my metroplex, a support group for people on the Autism Spectrum, and I’ve had friends who were also on the spectrum when I went through High School. Also, as part of my major in Information Technology (Health Informatics), took a bunch of classes in Technical Writing. So, when it comes to social justice issues, I think a lot about how to communicate to people – and particular when it comes to communicating with people on the Autism Spectrum. I’ve come to the conclusion that what needs to happen is that there needs to be a resource for people on the Autism Spectrum, to learn about the nuance of social justice issues, in order to engage with social justice issues in a better manner. (more…)


Greetings all. This is, I hope, the start of a new chapter of my blogging history. It is my intent to update this blog a little more often then my previous blog through LiveJournal.

Among other content I plan on using this blog for is review of media, be it games and movies that I watch, as well as my thoughts on all matters, various and sundry, along with any “Where I Watch” or “Let’s Play” topics that I decide to do.