Murderbot Diaries To Date (2022): Book Review

I’ve finally gotten caught up on the Murderbot Diaries series of novellas (and one novel), by Martha Wells – after taking far too long to read them. Frankly, I honestly think I should have read the books much sooner.

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What Makes This Book So Great: Book Review

A while back, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jo Walton, the author of Among Others, a wonderful book about the power of books and reading and how that can help us when we’re in a tough space, done through a magical realist lens (and which won a Hugo Award) had gotten a book commentary column on, and I was equally pleased to see a bunch of her columns collected into a book – What Makes This Book So Great – which I have finally gotten around to reading.

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The Elusive Shift: Book Review

In writing my review of The Game Wizards, I came to a horrifying realization – I hadn’t given my thoughts on the other previous sequel by Jon Peterson to Playing at the World that I’d read – The Elusive Shift. Considering that all three of these books kind of form a full narrative, I realized I really needed to rectify that situation. So I’m rectifying that situation.

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