Anime Review: Hayate the Combat Butler – Cuties

This week I’m covering the last Hayate series to date, with Hayate the Combat Butler: Cuties. Continue reading “Anime Review: Hayate the Combat Butler – Cuties”


Comic Review: Batman/The Shadow – Murder Geniuses

I’ve been a fan of The Shadow for a long time. I’ve enjoyed his outings in the pulps, the radio plays, and even the film featuring Alec Baldwin. However, at least in the late ’80s and early ’90s on, comic book writers haven’t quite known what to do with him. The best depictions of the character after that time I’ve encountered have effectively skipped over any idea of characterization for the character, in favor of making him a force of nature, or an unknowable cipher, instead of giving him grounded motivations. Continue reading “Comic Review: Batman/The Shadow – Murder Geniuses”

Anime Review: Girls Und Panzer Der Film

Girls Und Panzer (which I reviewed at Bureau42, not here), was a show that I absolutely loved. It had a sports anime plot for a sport that didn’t exist in the real world, Sensha-do, the art of Tankery: the art of crewing and maintaining a tank, and succeeding in combat using that tank – though Sensha-Do competitions are not to the death. Continue reading “Anime Review: Girls Und Panzer Der Film”