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  • Legends of the Force: Part XXII – Droids – Special & Rebellion

    Legends of the Force: Part XXII – Droids – Special & Rebellion

    This month I’m covering the next installment of Dark Horse’s Droids comic. Opening Credits: Star Wars Theme from Super Star Wars on the SNES. Closing Credits: Chiptune Cantina Band from Chiptune Inc. – Please support my Patreon at Buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi: Member of The Console Xplosion Network: Watch

  • Legends of the Force: Episode II – Marvel Star Wars Part 1, Blows Against The Empire

    This time we’re continuing with Legends of the Force with a look at the first third of Marvel’s initial take on Star Wars – how it came to be, who wrote it, and the stories that were told.

  • Let’s Play – Star Trek: Bridge Commander – Ep. 1

    I’ve already put the download links for the video’s on the previous post on this topic. Now that I’ve gotten the video online, I’m embedding it in my blog post for those who would rather not download the video. Video after the cut.

  • Let’s Play – Star Trek: Bridge Commander – Intro

    So, I’m getting started a Let’s Play thingie for Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Basically, if you’re unfamiliar with the way the concept works, a Let’s Play is where I play through an game, while taking a video or image record of my play, and then posting it for all to read and enjoy, and laugh at my failures and awe at my successes. At the moment, my attempts to upload my gameplay to GameTrailers and GameVideos aren’t working as planned, so for the moment I’m uploading the videos to MegaUpload for download from there, so, without further ado –