Fast & Furious: Film Review

Fast & Furious is an attempt to course-correct after Tokyo Drift didn’t do as well as planned, moving the focus from “Street Racing Movie with crime elements” to “Crime movie with street racing elements” and bringing the characters of Dom & Brian back to center stage. Unfortunately, the film does this by cribbing from 2 Fast 2 Furious heavily.

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Film Review: Electric Dragon 80,000V

It’s been a while since I watched what I’d call a “Weird Japan” movie – a Japanese film with a degree of creativity and un-reality that is uncommon in Western cinema – and indeed is generally rejected outright in Western independent cinema (see Dogme ’95 and Ethan Hawke’s comments about superhero films). Instead, these films openly embrace science fiction, fantasy, and horror concepts in a way that Western independent cinema (outside of horror) fails to do.

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Film Review: Mother of Tears (2007)

Almost 20 years after Dario Argento released the middle installment of his “Three Mothers Trilogy” he made the final installment of the series – Mother of Tears. As with most series that take this long between installments, there is a sense that what you’ll get with the final installment can never live up to what expectations you’ve set for it. However, even then, Mother of Tears is particularly disappointing. Continue reading “Film Review: Mother of Tears (2007)”