Film (Vlog) Review: Shang-Chi

The next film in the MCU is out, and the first one that really moves the timeline forward. So, it gets a little complicated to review without too much in terms of spoilers, so I’m apologizing about that in advance, as I have a Vlog Review of the movie.

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Godzilla vs Kong: Film Review

The Legendary Monsterverse has, unlike the last Western attempt at doing a Godzilla film with the 1996 film, has lead from the get-go with the monster fights. Even Kong: Skull Island had the climax of the film be a fight between Kong and the largest of the Skull Crawlers. So, when the film series made it clear that yes, Kong and Godzilla were taking place in the same universe (both with the involvement of Monarch and Skull Island‘s stinger), it was clear that somewhere down the road – Godzilla and Kong were going to have to rumble. And when the time comes for that brawl, you might as well make the main event the title – Godzilla vs Kong.

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