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  • No Time To Die: Film Review

    No Time To Die: Film Review

    When it was determined that, no really, No Time To Die was going to be Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond, we then had the question of just how his Bond was going to go out. Most of the previous Bonds to date ended at the status quo at the end of their last

  • John Wick Chapter 3: Movie Review

    John Wick Chapter 3: Movie Review

    This week, the grace period is over, as John Wick Chapter 3 has hit theaters. Please refrain from spoilers in the comments until July 2019.

  • Movie Review: Terror in Beverly Hills (1989)

    Movie Review: Terror in Beverly Hills (1989)

    When it comes to bad action movies, there are some names in action films that can be reasonably taken as a warning sign that the film you are approaching is a stinkburger. Frank Stallone is one of those names. Frank Stallone started his career as a musician and composer and has had a reasonably successful

  • Film Review: Point Break

    Film Review: Point Break

    Cops & Robbers movies have been a part of cinema for as long as there has been cinema, though prior to the 1990s, the general tack was to either have the robbers be the good guys (going back to various western films), or to have the cops be the good guys, but with a few

  • Film Review: The Mission (1999)

    Film Review: The Mission (1999)

    Johnny To, as a director, has two extremes. On one end is gritty crime thrillers like the Election duology – which may have an action scene or two, but which otherwise are generally grounded in the real world. On the other end is Exiled, a film which has a fight scene early in the film