Thoughts on the MST3K Season 13 Picks

This past week, during the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, they announced all 13 of the films that would be riffed on MST3K Season 13, which I backed on Kickstarter. I have a few thoughts on the picks.

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Movie Review: Terror in Beverly Hills (1989)

When it comes to bad action movies, there are some names in action films that can be reasonably taken as a warning sign that the film you are approaching is a stinkburger. Frank Stallone is one of those names. Frank Stallone started his career as a musician and composer and has had a reasonably successful career at that. However, as his older brother Sylvester became one of the action juggernauts of the 1980s and ’90s, Frank kept also getting action movie roles, presumably on the basis that he looks enough like Sly, that if you put “Stallone” in large enough letters on the poster, people won’t look closer and recognize that it’s actually Frank. Continue reading “Movie Review: Terror in Beverly Hills (1989)”

Film Review: Barbarian Queen II – The Empress Strikes Back

Barbarian Queen II is, basically, a somewhat nihilistic gender-swapped version of the Robin Hood story – princess is heir to throne, king has gone off to war and is presumed killed in the field, with the King’s evil brother planning to usurp the throne, princess flees to forest and builds a band of bandits to fight back against Not-Prince-John. Continue reading “Film Review: Barbarian Queen II – The Empress Strikes Back”

Film Review: Star Crash

There are some genres of cinema that have been lost to technological developments and rise of global interconnectivity. One of these genres is the “Italian knockoff of an successful American film.” One of the more impressive parts of this cinematic sub-genre is the science fiction film Starcrash, directed by Luigi Cozzi under an American pseudonym to conceal the film’s true nature. Continue reading “Film Review: Star Crash”