Book Review: Rivers of London Books 1-7

I’ve kinda fallen behind on the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch (at least as far as the video reviews are concerned), so it’s time to get caught up.

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Book Review: Amongst Our Weapons

Lies Sleeping, the seventh book in the Rivers of London series, left a lot of open questions about the world of the setting while it wrapped a bunch of the threads around the Faceless Man. Probably the biggest one was around the Sons of Weyland – a group of practitioners who were also powerful magical craftspeople – having made various battle staves, along with the magical wards in and around The Folly. On top of that – The October Man also built up some more groundwork for various magical practitioners and organizations outside of England. Well, Amongst Our Weapons decides to pick up both those threads and runs with them. There will be some minor spoilers below the cut.

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