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Video Game Review: Beneath a Steel Sky

Point and Click adventure games are interesting from a review standpoint. They are a lot more narrative focused than, say, shooters, because they rely so heavily on their story, and the puzzles, if executed well, feed into the narrative.

So, Beneath A Steel Sky is a point-and-click adventure game made using the SCUMM engine (at least the version that’s available on GOG), put out by Revolution Software in the UK (the same people who do the Broken Sword series). It’s a cyberpunk story that focuses on Foster, a part of a society of scavengers living in the Gap, outside of a cyberpunk dystopian city that Foster’s mother died trying to flee from with her son. Presumably this is set in Australia, as Foster is named after Foster’s Lager, but considering that brand of beer is now available all over the world (and considering a few other UK-isms in the game’s dialog), it could be in Australia or the UK. Continue reading