Thoughts on the Year of the Virtual Convention: Editorial

2020 is the year where Virtual Conventions very much became a big thing, and I give my thoughts based on my experiences as an attendee, and from what I’ve heard from people hosting panels. Hopefully we’ll be able to all meet in person in 2021.

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Kumoricon 2019 Mascot and Dates

Attending Kumoricon 2019!

This weekend I am going to be attending Kumoricon 2019, so I’m going to be a little laid back on the Let’s Plays for this weekend, both in terms of streaming and in terms of video uploading. So I’m doing a blog post today with something of the panels that I have of interest. If you’re going and there’s a panel you’re interested in checking out, or if you’re reading this after the convention and there’s a panel you really liked, go ahead and post that in the comments! Panel descriptions can be found in the Kumoricon Program book, at the events page.

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