Film Review: Solaris (1972)

When it comes to the “science and technology” part of Science Fiction, there tend to be three axis of thought, that end up forming into a sort of spectrum-ish thing – like those charts used in some video games where your character’s stats are portrayed in context of a geometric shape, with portions sticking out in different directions based on how you’ve chosen to weight things. There’s a technical term for this, but I don’t know what its. Continue reading “Film Review: Solaris (1972)”

Movie Review – Kwaidan

This week I’m taking a look at a Japanese anthology horror film, and part of the Criterion Collection – Kwaidan. I’m attending Orycon 34! Help out victims of Hurricane Sandy by donating to the Red Cross Related articles Kwaidan: Hoichi, the Earless ( Bede’s Halloween Viewing List: 62 Horror Films In 31 Days ( Become a Horror Lover in Nine Easy Steps (   Continue reading Movie Review – Kwaidan