Editorial: The Crunchyroll/Funimation Merger Finalized

I have a video this week recorded the day it was announced that the Crunchyroll/Funimation merger had been finalized. I give my thoughts on the merger, and a couple different directions it could go.

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Editorial: Pokemon Card Bubble

Note – This video was originally done as an intended test to see how well my recording and editing software on my computer handled upscaling to 4K, as a lead-in for subsequent video game reviews and capture. After the render times for this video at 4K ended up taking too long, I decided to go forward with the video anyway at a 1080p render.

I give my thoughts on the really stupid Pokemon Card Bubble, and how this garbage is serving as a barrier for younger, casual players who could be serious participants in the hobby.

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Reviewing Works From Problematic Creators: Editorial

In the past I have reviewed several works from creators who are problematic, whether having previously committed sexual assault (David Eddings), or who have said very racist things and have endorsed genocide by a totalitarian dictatorship (Cixin Liu and the Chinese government’s oppression of Uyghurs), so it’s time for me to have something of a discussion of what goes into decisions of what I’m reviewing going forward, and my policies for reviewing works from problematic creators.

Also, for the record, Trans Rights are Human Rights. Black Lives Matter.

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Editorial: New Consoles from Sony and Microsoft in 2019(?)

I have some thoughts on the rumors (and outright stated plans) for Sony and Microsoft’s new pieces of hardware in 2019 – and why they should really slow their roll. Please support my Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/countzeroorBuy me a coffee at Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/countzeroMember of The Console Xplosion Network: http://www.theconsolexplosion.com/Watch my Live-Streams on http://twitch.tv/countzeroor Continue reading Editorial: New Consoles from Sony and Microsoft in 2019(?)

Editorial: Tabletop RPG Publishers need to promote themselves better.

When I read an analysis of a work of fiction – and the person doing that analysis looks at the world presented in this fiction, sees how it’s fleshed out, and because it’s fleshed out goes “This would be better/best as a video game!” I become kind of frustrated. In particular, I become frustrated because it would also work just as well for a tabletop RPG … Continue reading Editorial: Tabletop RPG Publishers need to promote themselves better.

Editorial – “Mega Man” and a call to Occupy E3

This week I’ve got an editorial for you all, thanks to the embarassment of news riches that were worth ranting about. First I have a discussion on the reveal that “Mega Man” would appear in Street Fighter X Tekken, and then I have a discussion about the Used Game Debate, and whether the Occupy movement should get involved. (Hint: The answer is yes.) Continue reading Editorial – “Mega Man” and a call to Occupy E3

Retro Gaming – What We’ve Learned So Far

So, I’ve been doing my “Where I Read” posts for a little over a month now – now for a brief review to go over a few things we’ve learned about the evolution of this magnificent (heh) hobby we call gaming, from the various magazines I’ve read. I’ll be be doing similar installments every few months, as the series (plural) go on.

As for now, here’s the first 3 things we’ve learned.

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