Final Fantasy XV: Video Game Review

Final Fantasy XV is, technically, not the most recent Final Fantasy Game (that would be VII Remake: Part 1) but it is the most recent mainline little in the series. With the next game, XVI, having been announced, I decided now was a good time to focus my attention on beating XV.

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Vlog: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds (Portland 2018)

I went to see Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds on the latest concert tour, so here are my thoughts on the show Distant Worlds 1: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 2: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 3: MP3 –, CD – Distant Worlds 4: MP3 –, CD – All 4 albums are also currently available for … Continue reading Vlog: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds (Portland 2018)

Video Game Review: Final Fantasy III (DS)

Final Fantasy III had never gotten an official US release prior to the release of the DS remake of the game. The Famicom version had received an unofficial fan-translation, but there was no way to play it legally, until the DS release of the game. Even the somewhat controversial sophomore outing of the series had gotten by that point two updated remakes, for the Playstation as part of the Final Fantasy Origins collection, and for the GBA as part of Dawn of Souls. Continue reading “Video Game Review: Final Fantasy III (DS)”