Quick Thoughts On Two of James Beard’s Books

It’s been a bit since I talked about cookbooks – and I have a couple of quick passing thoughts on a couple of James Beard’s cookbooks that I want to post now… since I fell behind and didn’t get anything scheduled for today (wrapping up my current position at work has been very crazy).

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Cropped cover of Food Wars Vol. 1

Food Wars Vol. 1: Manga Review

When I reviewed Today’s Menu for Emiya Family, I was impressed not just by the charm of the story, but how well the anime depicted the act of cooking – how well it showed its work. It was a manga about family meals. This wasn’t just represented by the choices of food prepared in the work, but on how the series depicted eating. However, Food Wars Volume 1, which I’m reviewing today, kicked off a sort of boom of cooking anime and manga that lead to series like Emiya Family, and Food Wars could not be more different.

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