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Quality Control – Final Fantasy I

Buy Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls from

Buy Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls from

Well, I have finally beaten Final Fantasy I, the Game Boy Advance version, just in time for yesterday’s recap of Nintendo Power’s Final Fantasy I Strategy Guide. I also got my review done, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any video recorded of the Game Boy Version, which is the version of the game I used. However, I was able to get the audio recorded, and thanks to’s ability to embed audio from, I was able to upload it there and embed it here, so you don’t need to muck around in Megaupload.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy the review.

Before the review, here are a few more links for other versions of Final Fantasy I for you:

  • Final Fantasy Origins for the PS1 (from and eBay)
  • Final Fantasy I for the PSP (from
  • Final Fantasy for the NES (from eBay)
  • Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls on eBay

If you do want to download it from Megaupload, you can do so here.