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  • Ghost of Yotsuya (1957): Movie Review

    Ghost of Yotsuya (1957): Movie Review

    Ghost of Yotsuya is arguably a conventional horror film, though it’s one that also takes a little bit to get to the spooks. Like Kwaidan, it’s an adaptation of an existing horror story, in this case, one from a Kabuki play.

  • Lady Snowblood: Movie Review

    Lady Snowblood: Movie Review

    Apparently Kazuo Koike’s manga is one of those edge cases where a creator’s manga adapts to the screen better in live-action than in animation. Koike’s anime track record includes the infamous Mad Bull 34 and Crying Freeman, while his live action adaptations include such classics as Lone Wolf & Cub, and the film I’m reviewing

  • Movie Review – Sword of the Beast

    This week I’m reviewing another film in the Criterion Collection – the samurai film “Sword of the Beast”. Get Sword of the Beast at Amazon.com.