Video Game Review: Shadowrun Returns – Dead Man’s Switch

In preparation for the 2019 release of Cyberpunk 2077, I decided to play through (and stream on my Twitch Channel) the last tabletop cyberpunk RPG to be adapted to video game form – Shadowrun Returns: all three of its campaigns. Here are my thoughts on the first campaign – Dead Man’s Switch. Continue reading “Video Game Review: Shadowrun Returns – Dead Man’s Switch”

Video Game Review: Puzzle Quest 2

The original Puzzle Quest was an interesting title, which took the concept of the match-three puzzle game and translated it to something of a larger epic fantasy context – one which lead to numerous clones in other genres, some of which I previously did a review on. However, the original Puzzle Quest also had a more epic scope to it, with you having to fight an epic big-bad in order to save the world. The sequel, on the other hand, has a more grounded scope, feeling like it is taking the Puzzle Quest formula with Diablo. Continue reading “Video Game Review: Puzzle Quest 2”