E3 2011 – Sony & Nintendo Press Conferences

Well, I’ve finally gotten to the end of the E3 press conferences, with the two other console manufacturers – Sony and Nintendo. I’m putting both videos in one post, just for the sake of tidiness, and I’m putting them both below the cut. Continue reading “E3 2011 – Sony & Nintendo Press Conferences”

E3 2011 – Ubisoft Press Confrence Round Up

I actually uploaded this on Thursday, but I didn’t get a chance to properly get a blog post up for this until today. Here’s my thoughts on Ubisoft’s E3 Press Briefing, and the horror that was Mr. Caffeine. So, let’s make like Wayne’s World and go Doodlo-doodlo-doodlo. Related articles E3 ’11: Ubisoft Press Conference (pinkbananaworld.com) E3 2011: Nintendo and Ubisoft to Unleash Killer Freaks from … Continue reading E3 2011 – Ubisoft Press Confrence Round Up