The Anime Appendix N: Fantasy (Part 1)

This time I’m starting off talking about some Fantasy anime that are worthy of consideration, and introduce a concept I’ll be revisiting over the course of this series – the Axis of Emotional/Comedic Intensity.

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5 Anime Series to Watch After Neon Genesis Evangelion

Well, you’ve just finished watching Evangelion on Netflix, and you’re wondering what to watch after this. I have a few recommendations here for you. The video is fairly spoiler-light so if you’re making your way through the show now, you should be fine.

Lists of all the works I recommend below the cut/further down, with affiliate links for Amazon and RighStuf (through ShareASale), and streaming links, where available. Buying anything through affiliate links helps to support the show.

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6 Tabletop RPGs for Anime Fans

It’s time for another RPG Roundup video. This time I’m making my recommendations based on Anime series! Whycalibur’s Log Horizon Actual Play RPGs Recommended: 13th Age: Amazon, DriveThruRPG Maid: Amazon, DriveThruRPG Champions: Amazon, DriveThruRPG Icons: Amazon, DriveThruRPG Mutants & Masterminds: Amazon, DriveThruRPG Wild World Wrestling: DriveThruRPG Please support my Patreon at Member of The Console Xplosion Network: Watch my Live-Streams on Footage … Continue reading 6 Tabletop RPGs for Anime Fans