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Sprawlrunners: RPG Review

I like Shadowrun a lot – it was the second tabletop RPG I ever played and my first cyberpunk RPG. I also know it’s clunky in a lot of respects. So, when I learned about Sprawlrunners about a more fast-moving way to run a Shadowrun-like game, using the new edition of the Savage Worlds I decided to pick it up.

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This week I’m doing a list with 6 tabletop RPGs you might like, based on your taste in video games. If you’re interested in any of the tabletop RPGs mentioned, lists to the games can be found below.

Also, the weekend of June 15th, 2013 is Free RPG Day! Stop by a participating game store see about picking up one of these games, or many others that might strike your fancy! You can find participating stores here. Continue reading