Book Review – James Blish & Star Trek

This week I’m reviewing a whole slew of books at once, with a look at James Blish’s collected adaptations of Star Trek episodes.

Movie Review – Star Trek (2009)

I’m not the guy writing the review for Bureau42 – which means that my thoughts on the movie go up here. So, it all comes down to this simple question – it’s technically an odd numbered Trek movie, whether you consider it number 11 or number 1. After all the hype, after seeing the re-designed ship, seeing the cast list, learning whose directing it, and reading the prequel comic. There is only one question that needs to be answered – is it good?

Note: I’m going to try to avoid spoilers – I may not succeed.  So, for those viewing this on the site, I’ve got the meat of the review below the cut. If you’re reading this through the RSS – be warned. I may include some material from the Star Trek: Countdown comic as being “not-spoilers.”


Let’s Play – Star Trek: Bridge Commander – Intro

So, I’m getting started a Let’s Play thingie for Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Basically, if you’re unfamiliar with the way the concept works, a Let’s Play is where I play through an game, while taking a video or image record of my play, and then posting it for all to read and enjoy, and laugh at my failures and awe at my successes.

At the moment, my attempts to upload my gameplay to GameTrailers and GameVideos aren’t working as planned, so for the moment I’m uploading the videos to MegaUpload for download from there, so, without further ado –