Test Drive: Hydro Thunder Hurricane – Part 2

The second half of my Test Run of Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Please support my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/countzeroor Member of The Console Xplosion Network: http://www.theconsolexplosion.com/ Watch my Live-Streams on http://twitch.tv/countzeroor/ Continue reading Test Drive: Hydro Thunder Hurricane – Part 2

Video Game Review – Blur

Blur - Screen dal gioco
Image by Gioxx via Flickr

This week I’m back after a computer failure-related absence, I’m back, with a new camera, and a new microphone. Unfortunately, I don’t have editing software as yet, so I’m going with a one-take, this time. Hopefully I’ll have some editing software by my next episode. This week I have a review of Blur for the Xbox 360, by Bizarre Creations. Continue reading “Video Game Review – Blur”