Quick Update: Wildfire Season

So, the climate in Oregon is acting like it was 2 years ago when everything was on fire again – Portland General Electric is doing targeted power outages in some areas to prevent wildfires, and we are encountering wildfires on the edges of the Portland Metro area – as of this writing, there is a brush fire that recently started in Milo McIver State Park … Continue reading Quick Update: Wildfire Season

She Who Became the Sun: Book Review

This weekend is Worldcon, and several weeks before the convention (basically the week before I got COVID), I finished reading the last of the novels that were up for Hugo Awards that weren’t part of a series that I hadn’t already started reading – She Who Became the Sun by Shelly Parker-Chan – a novel inspired by wuxia fiction, inspired by the rise of the Hongwu Emperor. It’s an… interesting book, but one which had some points that I stumbled over.

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I have COVID

So, I got COVID-19 this past week (specifically starting probably around 8/20), and I’ve been sick and varying degrees of bed-ridden all week. Obviously, this has impacted my ability to keep to my regular schedule of posts (outside of ones that I had scheduled in advance), so consider this my explanation. I will do a post getting into my experiences later, but for now, consider … Continue reading I have COVID

Spriggan (2022): Anime Review

A long time back I checked out the Spriggan anime film from the library, on the merits of Katsuhiro Otomo’s involvement in the film in a supervisory position. When I learned that the manga series was getting revisited with a new anime series from David Production on Netflix, I figured this was worth checking out. While the series itself is something of a mixed bat, there is some fun to be had here.

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