Other things I’m watching

I just thought I’d give you an update on a few other things I’m working on. On RPG.net (where I post under the screen name of Count_Zero) I’ve been working on several Where I Watch threads for, in addition to various wrestling evens (which I’ve been mirroring here), several anime series. Currently, I’m working on Black Lagoon, which I’m posting on as soon as I get the DVDs from NetFlix, and I’ve just finished recapping Berserk. My next series I’ll be working on is the complete Mobile Police Patlabor (all 3 movies, both OVAs, and the TV series) which I hope to review for Bureau42.com), as well as Silent Mobius.

Once I get my next Where I Watch thread started, I’ll make sure to post here about it.

Now, you may ask, “Why don’t you post these threads here?” Well, I reply, you lot, don’t comment enough to support doing such threads here – though we do get traffic from my reviews and recaps. Still, for a Where I Watch, you really need some steady feedback.

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