DVD Review – Shawn Michaels: From The Vault

Shawn Michels: From The Vault cover art
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Now, once again I have another wrestling DVD review this week, though this one takes a different tack from my other reviews, because I’m not doing a match-by-match recap this time. Why? Well, the review will explain.

The Premise:

The DVDs recap some of Shawn Michaels’ wrestling career, from his tag career, to the beginnings of his solo run, to his return to the WWE.

The Good:

Most of the matches on here are classics. Shawn Michaels’ ladder match against Razor Ramon. The Iron Man match against Bret Hart. His match against Mankind at Mind Games. The first Hell In A Cell match. The list goes on and I can honestly say there isn’t a bad match on the set.

The Bad:

Michaels’ tag career is represented with one match from the AWA, which is good, but I wouldn’t consider a good choice – the team was two-time AWA Tag Champions, and while the match they picked was for the AWA Tag Titles, it wasn’t one of their wins. I would have picked a win or a successful title defense myself. Also, the Rockers run in the WWF isn’t represented here either, including the infamous Barbershop segment.

The Ugly:

All those classic, famous matches are on other DVDs. The ladder match is on the Ladder Match collection and in the Wrestlemania boxed sets. The Iron Man match is also on Bret Hart’s DVD set and in the Wrestlemania collection. The Hell in a Cell match is in the Hell In A Cell set and on the Undertaker’s DVD set. The match with Mankind is on the Mankind set.  All of those matches make up about 3/4ths of the matches on the DVD.

The Verdict:

If you already own any of the DVDs listed under “The Ugly”, then you don’t need to bother about buying this DVD – just rent it. Hopefully the upcoming Shawn Michaels DVD set will have more material that hasn’t been collected in any other sets.