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Vlog – The Dark Knight Rises


This week I’m taking a look at the latest Batman film – The Dark Knight Rises.



One thought on “Vlog – The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Haha this is great!!! You make a good narrator. I agree that Batman was pretty good, and way dang better than the last Spiderman – who I loved but was terribly disappointed in in the 3rd movie. What bothered me more than anything was Bane’s voice because he needed captions badly. I barely deciphered ten words from him in the whole movie. 🙁
    I didn’t completely understand the brain-eater explanation, but I do think some of the movie was rather unbelievable and took a silly direction. While the Joker was unbeatably intelligent and impressively scary, I was not convinced that a masked strongarm could rally ALL of the middle-aged blue collar working men of New York City to side with him in the name of evil and oppress all the citizens. Yeah right. What about the blue collar women? What about people with any morals?
    Then, Batman getting back IN to the city after climbing out of the well in the burning desert (who knows how far away), when every access was blocked? Within a few hours?? A conveniently overlooked detail.
    Maybe theres part of it I didn’t get, but those details bugged me. Anyhow, still entertaining. 🙂 and yes, nicely winter-themed for the middle of August.

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