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To Terra…/Towards The Terra, Volume 1 Review

To Terra...Volume 1To Terra…Volume 1 by Keiko Takemiya

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a kind of slow-paced manga. This volume does a lot of world-building with regards to Terran society and Mu society, as well as our two leads views of their respective societies, Jomy Marcus Shin for the Mu, and Keith Anyan for the Terrans. (Cont. below the Cut)

(This part may sound spoiler-ish, but it really isn’t).

That said, thus far the story does a pretty good job of making the Terran society oppressive enough that you understand why the Mu rebelled, while also making the Terrans sympathetic – their society is oppressive, but it’s a society that chose to become oppressive for a specific reason – to make a society that could stay cohesive in spite of humanity’s diaspora to the stars, and could also remain united and focused on the task of restoring and repairing the damaged ecosystem of Earth – and would be in agreement on how to prevent it from being despoiled once again, after the planet had been rebuilt. Their greatest sin isn’t practicing eugenics, or having a non-traditional family unit (though their attempts to eliminate emotions from society is definitely something I’d consider a bad thing), as much as their greatest sin is treating the Mu, because they’re ESPers and are different, as freaks to be (essentially) dissected and studied, instead of as being human beings like everyone else, and putting humans over their order.

So, I’m definitely interested in reading future books, and seeing how this conflict goes down. This is definitely a situation where both sides are shades of grey, rather than the situation being black-and-white, and I look forward to seeing this play out.

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