This time I’ve come to the end of Nintendo Power’s 3rd year, with issue #24. I had some background audio issues due to circumstances beyond my control, so I ask for your forgiveness.

Gameplay footage for Adventures of Lolo 3, Super Mario Bros. 3, Shadowgate, and The Lone Ranger courtasy of
Gameplay footage for Battle Unit Zeoth courtasy of World of Longplays –
Gameplay footage for Mysterium courtasy of GameBoyChannel –

Games Reviewed:
Vice: Project Doom – Sammy
The Rocketeer – Bandai
The Lone Ranger – Konami
Mysterium – Asmick
Gauntlet II – Midway
Battle Unit Zeoth – Jaleco
Nintendo World Cup – Taito
Spot – Virgin
Chessmaster – Software Toolworks
Adventures of Lolo 3 – HAL Labs