When Flashpoint ended, the comic dropped a little hint suggesting that the new DC Multiverse could end up incorporating the world of Watchmen, because in the Batcave, embedded in a wall, was The Comedian’s Button. Batman/Flash: The Button follows up on that revelation, as Batman and The Flash try to figure out what The Button exactly means.

In short, this story has a whole bunch of very dramatic setpieces and some character moments, ending on another big moment confirming Watchmen’s inclusion into the multiverse, without actually explaining what all of this means, either to our protagonists or to the reader. Ultimately, it does give us an interesting character moment with Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) finally getting to meet Bruce face-to-face, and them actually getting to talk before the end of the story, along with a big teaser for the currently ongoing (and, as of this writing, still incomplete) Doomsday Clock event.

I did enjoy the story, mainly for the character moments. Geoff Johns, who wrote the book, also dropped a few hints as to the state of some of the classic JSA characters (like Jay Garrick), but this is ultimately a tease. It’s an appetizer meant to whet our appetite for a larger meal, but a meal that hasn’t finished being cooked yet, and the menu might not have even been planned out (to continue this analogy) when this dish was served.

I am planning on reading Doomsday Clock once it is completed, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for any real answers after reading the end of Flashpoint, you’re not finding those here.

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