Mr. & Mrs. X: Comic Review

There is running theory in stories with romances that the chase is better than the catch – that once characters in a romance get together, there is no motivation to continue the story. These are people who never watched Hart to Hart nor are familiar with Nick & Nora Charles. In the X-Books, probably the biggest of these romances, almost as much if not more so than Scott Summers and Jean Grey, was Gambit and Rogue. However, during the planned wedding of Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin, things ended up not happening, leading to Rogue and Gambit basically deciding to take advantage of the opportunity and the two X-Men who could never tie the other down decided to get hitched.

Mr. & Mrs. X, consequently, is made up of Rogue & Gambit’s attempts to have some semblance of a superheroic honeymoon, only for various superheroic hijinks to intervene – the Shiar, Mojo, the Thieves – sorry – T’eves Guild, that sort of thing. None of these have any actual real risk of splitting the two of them up – they basically exist to have some sort of adventure to happen over the course of their honeymoon. Otherwise, well, one of their wedding gifts was a power damper from Beast that would allow Rogue to have physical contact, so if they were left without any interruptions we’d probably have a comic that, well, would be well beyond a PG13 rating.

Kelly Thompson’s writing does a tremendous job of playing off the history these two superheroes have had together, both romantically and otherwise, much as she did in her earlier Rogue & Gambit miniseries, and Oscar Bazaldua’s art helps to give the series a very playful tone that fits with the themes of the two heroes relationships.

The one complaint I have for the book is probably the best complaint that you can give to any book – it ended with me wanting more. The good news is that Rogue and Gambit will be appearing in the Excalibur book that will be coming out after House of X and Powers of X wrap. The problem is that I have to wait that long, and it’s not being written by Thompson and Bazaldua.

In short – I definitely recommend picking Mr. & Mrs. X up, either with digital back issues or in the trades as they come out.

As of this writing, the first trade is already out and is available from Amazon, and the entire series is available through Amazon & Comixology.