Legends of the Dark Knight #19: Comics Recap

After getting clean, Batman is on the hunt for the men who got him addicted.

Legends of the Dark Knight #19

Written by Denny O’Neil
Layouts by Trevor von Eeden
Pencils by Russell Braun
Inks by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Letters by Willie Schabert
Colors by Steve Oliff
Edited by Kevin Dooley & Andy Helfer

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On Santa Prisca, General Slaycroft and Doctor Porter now have a squad of super-soldiers, and they’re on their first field test – to massacre a village – a village that some of these people from taken from, and one of them kills his own grandmother.

Further, with hypnosis drugs they’ll follow any order – even stand attention for days until they starve to death or dehydrate. With these men, General Slaycroft intends to overthrow the US government and institute a fascist state.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred buy a plane and fly it over Santa Prisca to scout the General’s compound – only for the General to shoot them down with a shoulder-fired SAM. Batman and Alfred end up on different ends of the island.

Braun gives Bruce a great “Oh Shit” face.

At the compound, General Slaycroft sends his men to keep watch for Batman. Also, Dr. Porter implies that he came up with crack cocaine, and provided the information on how to make it to a local drug kingpin – and that kingpin has repaid the favor by delivering Alfred.

Slaycroft and Porter truss up Alfred and stake himself out to lure sharks, and Batman goes out to rescue him. He manages to save Alfred, killing a shark and nearly killing two locals in a boat in the process, before coming to shore, punching out Porter, and getting cold-cocked by Junior.

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