Batman #489 Recap

We’re coming up on our last little prelude storyline before we get into the numbered Knightfall Issues.

Batman #489

Written by Doug Moench
Art & Letters by Jim Aparo
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Edited by Scott Peterson & Denny O’Neil

We open on a flashback 6 months back, some somewhat nightmarish art of Killer Croc trapped under rubble and remembering his last fight with Batman. He’s freed by a flash flood through Gotham’s sewers, allowing him to get out & reach the surface, where he once again is shunned based his appearance – even by Gotham’s homeless population, so he snaps again.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne has an appointment with Dr. Kinsolving at the Arboretum. Dr. Kinsolving has determined at the moment, Bruce’s mind and body aren’t letting him rest, she’s prescribing a course of sedatives before she moves on to holistic treatment. Dr. Kinsolving also mentions that she sees through Wayne’s Fop/Himbo persona as well.

At Bane’s Safe-house, Bane and his men are watching news coverage of Killer Croc going on a rampage. Bird quickly recaps Croc’s last appearance with a little more in depth, and band draws connections with what they’re planning – with the difference that Crock challenged Batman and failed. This spurs Bane on to challenge Crock – if he can’t beat Croc, how can he expect to beat Batman?

At Stately Wayne Manor, Alfred and Robin are trying to figure out what to do about Croc’s rampage – Bruce needs the rest he’s getting here, but someone also needs to go fight Croc. Fortunately, Robin has A Cunning Plan.

So, Robin stops by Jean-Paul’s apartment, where he’s suiting up in his current Azrael costume – except Robin has a different costume he should wear instead – the Bat-Suit.

I’d missed the armband the first time I read this.

Back with Bane, Trogg mentions Batman may show up, and Bane is counting on it.

Crock’s rampage takes him to the Eden Park Mall, and both Azrael & Robin, and Bane, go to meet him.

Azrael & Robin fare well in combat against Croc to start, until Bane shows up, which distracts Azrael, which allows Croc to knock the wind out of him.

Bane calls out Croc, who takes the challenge – and Bane mops the floor with Croc, breaking one of his arms in the process, and as Croc flees, he points out to Azrael that he isn’t The Bat, and that’s who he really wants to fight, and then leaves.

And through all of this, but Bruce Wayne sleeps, but his sleep is not restful.

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