Batman #495 Recap

We continue with Bruce Wayne’s obligations creeping up on him as well.

Batman #495

Written by Doug Moench
Pencils by Jim Aparo
Inks by Bob Wisek
Colors by Adriennne Roy
Lettering by Richard Starkings
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

Batman & Firefly both barely escape by the skin of their teeth, but Firefly is still free.

Elsewhere, Azrael goes on patrol.

That day, Alfred reminds Bruce that there is a charity dinner this evening that he’s obligated to attend.

Elsewhere, Poison Ivy has a bunch of goons prepared for plan for the evening, and with Bird monitoring odd activity at the Gotham Civic Center, that’s where this will probably go down – and on top of all of this, Scarecrow & The Joker are gearing up for another crank call for the Mayor.

It turns out that the fundraiser Bruce is going to is also at the Gotham Civic Center. As Bane watches, he sees Bruce Wayne and determines that he must be Batman.

Bruce is mainly worried about the lack of a police presence, mainly because GCPD has gotten a call from Krol, saying he’s been kidnapped by The Joker and is being held at an old amusement park.

At this point, Bruce notices the heavy scent in the air, and slips filters into his nose as Poison Ivy makes her presence known, and ushers off all the gentlemen, including Bruce, who plays along. Bane spots this and tasks Bird with tailing them.

At Ivy’s greenhouse base, Bruce slips away and changes into the Batsuit and puts the kibosh on her plans, and manages to take her down.

At the amusement park, Gordon sends in a SWAT team – only to discover a bomb, which blows up and kills them – and at their safe house, Scarecrow and Joker are ecstatic.

Letters column this issue is a lot of praise for Sword of Azrael.

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