Detective Comics #662 Recap

The Riddler has yet to be solved, and Firefly is still running hot.

Detective Comics #662

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Graham Nolan
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Letters by John Costanza
Edited by Scott Peterson & Denny O’Neil

Riddler’s gang is not happy. They want to pull off this score, Riddler or no Riddler, and they’re not going to wait for confirmation that his riddle was received, so they drive him off with gunfire.

Riddler walks through the streets, fuming. How will his genius get the attention it deserves? And then he walks in front of a TV display and has an epiphany?

In the Batcave, Robin is also fuming – he did the legwork for tracking down Firefly, but doesn’t get to take part in the bust.

We see that Firefly is down to his last target – the Gotham Zoo.

Back at the Batcave, Robin is channel surfing and sees another interview with Dr. Flanders, right as The Riddler emerges the crowd with explosives strapped to him. Robin & Alfred head for the studio.

At the Zoo, Batman takes on Firefly.

I love everything about Batman in the flames here.

In the studio, Riddler is having something of a ball. The dialog implies very heavily that there is a history from Nygma and Flanders at Arkham. It feels like the words that Nygma is throwing back in Flanders’ face are a quote of something that Flanders would have said to him in Arkham.

It’s not explicitly stated that Riddler has a grudge against Flanders, but it is strongly implied.

Montoya and Bullock are on site, and GCPD has a sniper with a shot on Riddler – but Riddler’s got a detonator with a dead-man’s switch, so they can’t act.

Elsewhere, Riddler’s crew pulls off their score with flying colors – without him.

Batman and Firefly fall into the big cat enclosure, allowing Firefly to slip away, but not for long, as Batman finally manages to get him with the Batline and leaves him hanging over the Crocodile enclosure.

At the studio, Robin swoops in and epoxies the hand with the detonator, allowing the police to move in. Bullock berates Robin for his recklessness, but Robin manages to vanish while his back is turned – as the Bomb Squad reports that the bomb was a fake.

And Dr. Flanders is completely deflated.

As Riddler’s former goons leave with their loot, they are ambushed by another vigilante – Huntress (who they don’t recognize)

The costume would be great if they added some form of knee-pads and dumped the v-neck.

Back at the Gotham Zoo, Batman is exhausted.

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