Detective Comics #664 Recap

Now it’s time to come to the aftermath of Batman’s brutal beating at the hands of Bane.

Detective Comics #664

Cover of Detective Comics #664

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Graham Nolan
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Adrianne Roy
Letters by John B. Costanza
Edited by Scott Peterson

Bane takes Batman’s battered, beaten body downtown, and holds him aloft before the people of Gotham, proclaiming victory, before hurling him to the ground.

Bane throws Batman off the roof, with him hitting several awnings on the way down.
Well, if the backbreaker didn’t do it…

Montoya is on the scene, along with Officer Marz. They radio an APB on Bane, and Montoya stays with Batman while they wait for the ambulance.

Montoya checks on Batman.
Alfred, disguised as an EMT, snows Montoya as they load Batman into an ambulance.
Alfred must have Hugh Laurie levels of skill at hiding his accent.

The ambulance pulls up, crewed by Alfred and Jean-Paul in disguise. Alfred checks Batman out, before he has Paul get him back to the Batcave, where they can stabilize him while putting together a cover story.

At the scene, Commissioner Gordon is chewing out Montoya for Batman being “abducted”, until Bullock floats the idea that the people in the Ambulance were with Batman.

At one of the Joker’s safehouses, Scarecrow & Joker watch coverage of Bane’s appearance and fume – Joker being upstaged by the FNG, Scarecrow for not getting any ransom money. They fight, Scarecrow hits Joker with fear-gas, which he no-sells before clobbering Scarecrow with a chair and leaving.

Joker no-sells Scarecrow's fear gas.

In the Batcave, Alfred lets Tim and Jean-Paul know they need Decadron to reduce the swelling. He takes Jean-paul aside and also tells him that without the Decadron, Bruce will probably never walk again.

Alfred warns Jean-Paul what will happen without the Decadron.

On the way into town, Robin sees the Bat-signal and has an idea on how to get the Decadron. At GCPD, Commissioner Gordon is waiting by the Bat-signal as Sarah checks in (does she have a rank – Lieutenant? Captain?) They talk about Batman, and that they’re both worried.

Sarah Gordon comforts her husband.

In a flophouse somewhere, Scarface and Socko get in an argument and shoot each other.

Scarface and Socko get in an arguement and shoot each other.
Socko fell on hard times after Mankind fired him.

Robin stops in the Commissioner’s office, and tells him about the Decadron, and Jim makes the arrangements for it to get picked up, which Robin and Jean-Paul pick up and bring to the Batcave. There, Alfred administers the drug, so all there is now to wait.

Alfred, Robin, and Jean-Paul wait for Bruce to respond.

The letters column has our first letter actually in response to the conclusion of Knightfall – and they’re not happy with the idea of Bruce not being Batman anymore, and they’re hoping the change up is temporary.

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