Showcase ‘93 #7 Recap

While we wait for the drug to take effect on Bruce, let’s have a flashback into earlier in the breakout.

Showcase ‘93 #7

Cover of Showcase '93 #7

Written by Doug Moench
Art by Klaus Janson
Lettered by Kevin Bruzenak
Edited by Neil Porzner & Denny O’Neil

Tim is beating himself up for not doing moe of the work after the breakout, as we flash back to 3 weeks earlier.

A shadowy figure takes a cab to the condemned old Gotham Municipal Courthouse. The place where Two-Face was created. Dent has been laying low after the breakout, and has been remembering when Dent had partnered with Batman until Batman cut them off.

Two-Face has decided, through use of the Coin, that the time has come to take down Batman for his betrayal, basically crediting Batman cutting off their partnership for the event that caused Two-Face’s creation. To take down Batman, he needs enforcers, in the form of a Judge and Jury. He goes through some of his files he saved when he was a prosecutor, and decides to blackmail a boss named Lyman into a meeting.

At the meeting, when Lyman turns him down, Harvey flips the Coin, and then kills Lyman after it comes up scarred. He then gets 13 men to work with his plan, though Lyman’s men plan to betray Dent if given the opportunity.

The only time it’s okay to “Um, Actually”

Late that night, Gordon and GCPD are called over by a body dump – of Lyman’s body – at the Gotham museum of Natural History. Batman shows up, and when Batman comments that the body was put in the belly of a Brontosaurus, the guard “Well, actually”s him, and in the process gives the tipoff for Two-Face’s involvement.

Batman’s first lead is Lyman’s club, the Egyptian, and in spite of Robin and Alfred’s protestations, he goes alone. On arrival, Lyman’s goons try to rough Batman up, which goes exactly as well as you’d suspect. Only, it’s a trap to make Batman think he didn’t get the information too easily. Batman is sent on a route over a bridge, which gets the road surface blown out from under him, sending him plunging into the river.

There’s also a second ongoing story involving Peacemaker and Deathstroke taking on Kobra, and part of a series of one-shot stories involving Fire’s commercial career, which appear to be ongoing over the series.

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