Showcase ‘93 #8 Recap

We conclude our flashback with the Sham Trial of Batman.

Showcase ‘93 #8

Written by Doug Moench
Art by Klaus Janson
Lettering by Ken Burzenak
Edited by Denny O’Neil & Neil Pozner

Two-Face’s goons fish Batman out of the river. Batman tries to overpower them in the water and fails, while Two-Face looks on in binoculars.

In the Batcave, Robin and Alfred wait impatiently, while at the ruins of the old courthouse Batman’s “trial” begins.

Not sure how this court would handle a Voir Dire plea anyway.
I will admit that is a heck of a madness mantra.

At the “trial”, Batman goads Two-Face into losing his cool. This causes Two-Face to shoot the “Judge” after the “judge” gets impatient, before in turn opening fire on the jury, which scatters. Thankfully, Robin and Alfred had figured out where Two-Face might have been holding up, and intercede with the help of a wrecking ball, driving off the goons.

He came in on a wreckinggg baaaallllll!

Two-Face flees into a construction site with Batman in pursuit. The two end up on an I-Beam carried by a pulley, with Batman ending up dangling precariously from the beam. Seeing Batman in peril, Robin gets out his sling – and nails Two-Face in the head. Batman grabs for Harvey, losing his grip in the process, and the two only escape death by Batman getting the bat-grapnel out in time and swinging for safety.


As Dent is taken into custody, Batman chews Robin out.

Back in the present, Bruce regains consciousness, and basically tells Robin he did okay.

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