Detective Comics #665 Recap

We start the wrap up of the first act of the Knightfall Saga – in terms of Knightfall itself – as Jean-Paul Valley/Batman II gets ready to take on Bane.

Detective Comics #665

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Graham Nolan
Inks by Dick Giordano
Color by Adrienne Roy
Lettered by John Costanza
Edited by Scott Peterson

We open with Batman II & Robin against an array of goons. Robin reflects on their situation, and his concerns about his new partner and his very violent impulses that they didn’t have enough time to work on before he became Batman. As if to call attention to this, Robin has to physically restrain Batman II from beating a goon into a coma with his own sledgehammer.

At Stately Wayne Manor, Bruce calls Dr. Kinsolving’s office. She’s out at the Drake place, which isn’t far, so rather than drive Bruce decides to roll himself over. On the way, he spots a armed man hiding in the landscaping, smoking a cigarette. Meanwhile, unknown to Bruce, two armed men in ski masks are lurking inside the Drake House and are sneaking up on Jack and Chandra. Bruce erroneously thinks this guy is working for Bane.

I mean, you’re part right.

Speaking of which, elsewhere Bane is discussing their expanding control of Gotham’s underworld with his crew. All that remains is control of the Unions, and Bane has an angle on that.

At the Gotham Sky-dome, Batman II has information that the gangsters who are running the unions are meeting in the venue’s Skyroom. Against Robin’s protestations, Batman II has decided he will make his presence known. Jean-Paul heads to the venue as Robin wonders what the hell he’s doing.

Back at the Drake place, Bruce cold-cocks one of the goons, and reaches the front driveway just in time to see the rest of the goons push Jack & Dr. Kinsolving into a windowless van.

This is why it’s good to have more than 2 heroes in The Bat-Family.

At the Skyroom, “Touch” Tony Bressi is trying to talk the bosses into meeting with Bane. Batman II, who is eavesdropping, hears fear in Tony’s voice, and concludes that Bane has leverage on Bressi so he decides to jump in.

We cut between Batman II & Robin fighting the bosses and their bodyguards while Bruce tries to fight the kidnappers. Batman II fights without considering Robin’s safety–or the safety of the gangsters, as Robin has to save one from plummeting from a catwalk to his death. Bruce, on the other hand, is easily overpowered, and barely manages to get the van’s license plate.

Stick a pin in this – we’re going to come back to this later.

As the issue wraps, Batman II interrogates Bressi, who reveals that Bane has his kids. With that, in spite of Bruce’s prohibition against taking on Bane, Batman II is going to confront the man who broke The Bat.

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