Detective Comics Annual #6 Recap

We continue with Bloodlines and return back to Batman.

Detective Comics Annual #6

Story by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Gerry Fernandez
Colors by Adrianne Roy
Letters by Tim Harkins
Assisted by Darren Vincenzo
Edited by Scott Peterson

We open with a local drug gang going to kill some couriers who may have shorted them, only to be interrupted by Batman II, wearing the gauntlets, but not yet the Dark Angel armor. One of the couriers tries to slip away, but unfortunately…

The alien, Pritor, feeds on the courier and flies off.

Afterwards, Bullock and Montoya are there to take everyone into custody, and they miss the victim in the bushes, which is probably for the best, as the courier comes to, and we learn his name – Rodney Jones, just as he manifests his powers.

Nearby, at the offices of the company Chem-Max, accountant Dwayne Guier has been working the late shift, and as he leaves for the night, he gets attacked as well. The feeding is slightly interrupted by a GCPD helicopter, which Pritor then destroys.

Batman is investigating the housing project the gang that tried to kill Rodney was based out of. Said gang is the “Gangstas Nine” – a textbook example of a gang name invented by a white person, and Batman arrives just as Rodney returns, with his memory a little hazy.

The head of the gang tries to kill Rodney again, only for his elasticity powers to allow him to shrug off the beating he receives, overpower his boss and his goons (and possibly kill his boss – it’s unclear). Batman comes in after the fact, and decides to let Rodney go.

And this is Rodney’s last appearance in DC Comics.

Elsewhere, Dwayne comes to in an alley, and discovers he’s invisible if he’s in the light. He makes his way back home and throws together a rough superhero costume and the hero name of “Geist”.

I appreciate the self-depreciating sense of humor Geist has.

That day he goes back to the office, barely manages to get his car keys back, and tapes a sign to the back of a co-worker mocking him behind his back.

That night, Bullock, Montoya, and Kitch trace the killings to Chem-Max, where they have a run-in with Pritor. Bullock almost becomes a meal, but is saved by Batman II.

Meanwhile, Montoya gets some help from Geist, as the fight with Pritor sets the plant on fire, and in the middle of this fight, we learn that the aliens have Predator vision which – considering Geist’s powers, feels like cheating.


Together Geist and Batman II drive Pritor off, with a little firepower assist from the GCPD.

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