Justice League Task Force #5 Recap

After Knightfall, we move on to the second act – Knightsquest – which is in turn split into two types: The Search and The Crusade. We kick this off with the start of The Search.

Justice League Task Force #5

Written by Denny O’Neil
Pencils by Sal Viento
Inks by Jeff Albrecht
Colors by Glenn Whitmore
Letters by Clem Robins
Edited by Ruben Diaz and Brian Augustyn

We open in Santa Prisca, with a bunch of violent individuals preparing to go after Bruce Wayne’s private jet. At the airport, Bruce and Alfred have disembarked, with Selena Kyle having left earlier, off-panel. Presumably what she’s up to will be covered in her own book.

The goons attack – Bruce disables a few with gadgets built into his wheelchair, and the timely arrival of Bronze Tiger helps with the rest. However, one gets away due to some freak “clumsiness” by Bruce.

At the hotal, we learn the one who got away has a tracker on him, and we meet the rest of the team that Bruce asked Martian Manhunter to put together – Gypsy and Green Arrow. Bruce tells Bronce Tiger to scout out the hacienda where the prisoners are being held, and after they leave, he radios the Batcave with an update.

At the Hacienda, Gypsy learns the goons are waiting for a Mister Asp, and that they’re sending people with rocket launchers to blow up the hotel, as the issue ends.

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