Batman Shadow of the Bat #23 Recap

We’re coming to the end of the next installment of The Search.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #23

Written by Alan Grant
Pencils by Bret Blevins
Inks by Steve George
Colors by Adrianne Roy
Lettering by Todd Klein

Bruce, as Gray, gets thrown out of the party, and is hauled off by the twits from the fox hunt. Yuri and one of Asp’s goons go to retrieve the bodies of two of the victims for autopsies. The Hood sees the aftermath and tails the two.

The Twits take Wayne/Gray off to rough him up, only to get knocked out again, this time with the help of some gadgets Harold built into his canes, before following after Shondra & Asp.

Bruce beating the crap out of posh douchebags never gets old.

He almost catches up, but Hood runs into trouble and sends up a flare, and as Bruce wavers, he sees a Bat – which makes up his mind.

My mental soundtrack has a subdued version of the Batman fanfare when Bruce sees the bat.

Asp directs his MI-5 contacts to find Yuri so they can pack up, before ripping away Jack Drake’s oxygen and knocking Shondra out with a suitcase.

Bruce and Hood take out the MI-5 goons, and Bruce reaches Jack just in time. Asp flees in a helicopter, and Bruce rejoins Hood after calling for help. Hood tells him everyone in Monkleigh is dead.

Bruce rushes to find Alfred – discovering that Alfred described by going for a walk. Now, that walk was to figure out how to tell him about Jean-Paul, but Alfred doesn’t bring that part up.

I absolutely love this moment here.

As they prepare to leave, Hood tells Alfred to let “Grey” know that it was an honor to work with Batman – who Hood thinks is a British emigre. Elsewhere, Bruce is consumed with grief thinking that the woman he loves has turned evil, and swears to the dead of Monkleigh to bring their killers to justice.

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