Robin #3 Recap

It’s time to go back to Robin, and deal with the aftermath of the Blackgate Breakout.

Robin #3

Story by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Tom Grummett
Inks by Ray Kryssing
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Letters by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

Tim Drake is on winter break. (Hey, that rhymes). So, he’s staying in his dad’s apartment downtown – it makes him closer to downtown and where the action is, and well away from the Batcave and Jean-Paul, and also closer to Ariana.

This is good – because unlike Jean-Paul, Tim is no Scrooge, and is going after some goons who are breaking into houses. One guy pulls a gun and tries to shoot robin, only to get tangled in some lights and ending up dangling off the side of a building.

It feels like this guy would end up in the DC Universe version of WTFIWWY

Elsewhere, Cluemaster is putting together his gang’s first job, while Electrocutioner complains at the TV and Czonk wants a costume. Ultimately, Electrocutioner gets mad at Wheel of Fortune and fries the TV, drawing the attention of the manager, and forcing the trio to clear out.

Of all the Marvel/DC Crossovers we could have gotten, I’m bummed we didn’t get Robin/Spider-Man.

Back home, Ariana calls Tim, and asks if he’s seeing someone else. He says there isn’t, but he blows the answer to the question with a level of grace that only Peter Parker could hope to match.

At Stephanie Brown’s place, her mom is addicted to prescription painkillers, and with her dad (Cluemaster) out of jail, she’s preparing to go out to take him down again.

Back at the hotel – Bullock and Montoya have arrived, along with Shotgun Smith. Smith and Bullock get in a juris-dick-tion waving contest. Montoya attempts to be diplomatic, but Smith has none of that and responds with misogyny and racism.

Fuck Shotgun Smith.

At their next hideout, Cluemaster explains the plan, and Czonk unveils his costume – he wants to try to do the clue thing. Cluemaster explains why he stopped, and Czonk doesn’t mention that he sent a clue on hotel stationary to Bullock.

Meanwhile, Robin goes to break into Cluemaster’s gang’s old hotel room to look for evidence (and hoping to avoid Shotgun Smith) only to run into the Spoiler as the issue ends.

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