Robin #4 Recap

We’re continuing with the hunt for the Blackgate escapees.

Robin #4

Story by Chuck Dixon
Breakdowns by Tom Grummett
Finishes by Ray Kryssing
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Letters by Albert De Guzman
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

Spoiler apologies for laying Robin out at the end of last issue. We also get a rundown that Robin knows Spoiler’s identity, but not vice-versa. They discuss Cluemaster’s next target, only to be interrupted by an argument outside between Bullock & Smith’s deputy – Bullock says he has a warrant, and the deputy is refusing to respect it, so Bullock & Montoya push past him.

Robin & Spoiler hide under the beds, and hear Bullock mention that they were mailed a clue on hotel stationary, so Robin grabs a notepad from the room.

Smith drives off Bullock & Montoya when it turns out that they don’t actually have a warrant, which allows Robin and Spoiler to escape. Smith rants that Gordon was a real dirty cop, and that Smith was fighting corruption his way before Gordon drove him out, mentioning “Tricorner”

Shotgun Smith Presents ACAB Corner.

Robin puts tog4ether the target – a shipment of old money sent for disposal (a plan that Mafia III would borrow as part of that game’s opening heist).

The heist almost goes off without a hitch, with the trio taking out the guards at the armored car. There’s just one catch – as Robin jumps Cluemaster, the two get locked into the back of the armored car. This means that when Electricutioner and Headbanger (Czonk’s new super-villain name) move to step 2 of the plan – bury the armored car and wait for the heat to die down, Cluemaster and Robin are being buried alive.

Is this the end of Riders in the Sky?!

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