Robin #5 Recap

When we last left off, Robin was in a grave predicament.

Robin #5

Story by Chuck Dixon
Breakdowns by Tom Grummett
Finishes by Ray Kryssing
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Albert De Guzman
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

The Spoiler saw Electrocutioner and Headbanger bury the armored car, and is now trying to figure out the full plan on her own.

In the armored car, Cluemaster takes this predicament as well as can be expected.

To be fair, he currently expects them to be buried for a while.

Spoiler tails the two goons, and listens to them gripe and moan from the adjoining hotel room.


In the back of the Armored Car, Robin explains to Cluemaster that the Fed pucnches a pattern of holes in the bills before shipping them for disposal (which is why the bit with the Armored Car in Mafia 3 was a Trojan Horse to get at the real prize of the contents of the reserve).

Also, in grand Spider-Man style, Tim is unintentionally standing up Ariana.

Back underground, Tim regrets never learning to meditate to lower his heart rate (see the miniseries I covered earlier as to what he ended up learning instead).

At the hotel, Shotgun Smith & deputies raid the goons hotel room, forcing Spoiler’s hand – she causes a distraction so they can escape.

The two high-tail it back to the construction site (with Spoiler following behind), where she sees the goons digging up the truck. Headbanger cuts open the side and jumps in, only to get knocked out by Robin, while Spoiler brings down Electrocutioner.

Robin climbs out of the trick, and happy to be alive, gives Spoiler a big smooch. Spoiler says she’d like to work with Robin again (among other things), before the police show up, forcing them to bail.

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