Catwoman #6: Comic Recap

We return to AzBat with him having a crossover (team-up is the wrong word) with Catwoman.

Catwoman #6

Written by Jo Duffy
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Dick Giordano
Colors by Buzz Setzer
Lettering by Bob Pinaha
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

We open on Catwoman being shown footage of land developers using nerve gas to kill wildlife in advance of development. The footage was brought to her by an ecoterrorist group, the “Friends of the Earth Nature Magic Alliance”. If that wasn’t cringey enough, the neurotoxin is called… Xyklon-C. Just two letters removed from the chemical used in concentration camps.

Cartman bemoaning the 90s.

She is also given a gadget, a collar that amplifies cats voices. From my experiences with my cats – that would probably freak them the fuck out. Yes, they’ll recognize their own voices – but they also don’t expect them to be that goddamn loud.

In any case, the Friends have been tipped off to the developers having a conference to discuss their use of the toxin, scheduled to be held in Gotham. The Friends want to stop them. They tried leaking the meeting to the press, but according to them, the story was killed by a bribe. On the other hand, a couple other members of the group want to hit the suits with their own deadly poison.

The reason they know so much is that the group’s scientific advisor, Professor Job Underhill, helped to create it while working for a previous employer.

Speaking of Professor Underhill, on his way to the office some people try to kidnap or kill him and steal his notes, under the guise of being muggers – only to be stopped by AzBat.

I’m not blaming AzBat for this one.

Catwoman returns home, changes to Selena Kyle, feeds her cats, and then heads back to The Friends, where she learns that Prof. Underhill had been attacked and saved by the new Batman. While Dr. Underhill explained what happened two of the Friends, Doogie and Marv, grab his notes and flee the building.

So, with the formula now out in the wild, Catwoman knows where a drum of one of the components in the compound is, and she breaks in and hinds it, so she can come back later to render it inert – as AzBats looks on.

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