Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 37 Review

If you were expecting the Manga Contest to come to some sort of a head this volume, expect disappointment.

There is (almost) no fanservice at this level in this volume.

Instead, this volume has Nagi going on a journey of self-discovery in a tremendously ill-advised manner. No credit cards, no cell phone, just the cash in her wallet. All to improve her writing due to her lack of life experience. How ill-advised? She plans to go to Kyoto. She ends up in Hokkaido.

The rest of the volume proceeds to be an escalating comedy of errors, as attempts to rescue Nagi are thwarted by her own poor sense of direction (or borrowed poor sense of direction, as she uses Isumi as a guide at one point), or poor judgement (again, the decision to use Isumi as a guide as an example).

This volume is tremendously funny. It’s also kind of unclear how this will forward the Manga Contest plot and whether this will pay off for anything, but it’s still really funny – which has kind of always been when the book has been at its best.

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