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Batman #507 Recap

And it’s time to wrap out this little mini-story arc, though not the presence of Abattoir in Knightsquest.

Batman #507

Written by Doug Moench
Pencils by Jim Balent
Inks by Frank McLaughlin
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel & Denny O’Neil

The standoff lasts just long enough for the Stooges to realize that Batman and Ballistic are not going to fight each other, at which point they attack the duo. When that goes bad, the Stooges set the warehouse on fire and flee, forcing Batman and Ballistic to stop and rescue the unconscious and injured people inside.

Batman and Ballistic track down their next lead – Raf Luxor, who runs an Egyptian themed nightclub. Unfortunately, the Stooges get there first, and terrorize the performers until Raf comes out to try and talk them down – and when it turns out he doesn’t know anything, the Stooges kill him.

Batman and Ballistic take down The Stooges.

Batman and Ballisitc arrive just after Raf is murdered, but before the Stooges can leave, so they take them down and learn that they aren’t allies of Abattoir cleaning up loose ends (which their habit of murdering any possible lead that could point someone towards Abattoir would imply), but instead are going after the open bounty. This leads the two to Henry Echason’s lawyer, Winston Brock.

Batman & Ballistic basically shakedown Brock – Batman for a list of properties Henry owns (which is where he suspects Abattoir is holed up), and Ballistic for the money – at which point Ballistic calls the cops on Brock, trusses him up, grabs the money, and then skips town.

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