Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #60 Recap

We continue with Bruce’s pursuit of Benedict Asp & Shondra Kinsolving.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #60

Written by Dennis O’Neil
Art by Eduardo Barreto
Colors by Digital Chameleon
Letters by Willie Schubert
Edited by Archie Goodwin & Jim Spivey

We open with Bruce getting a briefing from Tim as to what Asp was up to since childhood as they return to Gotham. During this, Asp tries to use Dr. Kinsolving to murder Grey, but it doesn’t quite work – though Bruce takes a sort of psychic hit.

Bruce is checked in at Gotham General, where they see on the news that Asp (through a pseudonym) is extorting the governments of several countries, taking credit for the deaths in Monkleigh – and the “death” of Grey. The doctor at Gotham General once again says that Bruce should stop running around – that it’s doing his spine dirt, and he needs to get some bed rest for a while before starting any sort of physical therapy or activity. When Bruce insists he needs to act on this, Alfred resigns.

Alfred takes a cab to Wayne Manor, where he persuades Jean-Paul to keep an eye on Bruce.

Let’s stick a pin in this.

Elsewhere, in Gotham, Bruce makes his presence known as Grey, in a big flashy way to make headlines, forcing Asp to send men to capture him.

That night Wayne, in disguise as Grey, waits for Asp’s men, after sending a digital dead-drop recording to Robin – on delay. And, for good measure, he hires a decoy to pose as Wayne to draw off Batman – and to make sure the kidnapping is successful.

Is this the end of Riders in the Sky?

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