Batman #508 Recap

It’s time to come to the final issue in the hunt for Abattoir.

Batman #508

Written by Doug Moench
Pencils by Mike Manley
Inks by Josef Rubenstein
Colors by Ken Bruzenak
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel

This issue is between Detective Comics #674 & #675, but I want to review those together.

Jean-Paul is on the hunt for Abattoir, roaring through the city in the Batmobile – and in the process nearly running down a pedestrian. Robin, in Jean-Paul’s absence, has broken into the Batcave to use the Batcomputer to find Abattoir (not sure what happened to Tim’s tap in the Batcomputer). Abattoir, meanwhile, is just leaving where he has set up his brother’s torture aparratus.

As he walks down the street, both AzBat & Robin find him – AzBat finding Abattoir, and Robin finding them both. AzBat (not knowing about Robin’s presence), chases Abattoir into a foundry.

The pursuit ends with Abattoir dangling from a chain over a crucible of molten metal. St. Dumas & Azrael return – the Saint urging Jean-Paul to save Abattoir, while the Angel of Death urges him to finish the kin-slayer off.

Robin witnesses Abattoir fall to his death in a crucible of molten metal.

Ultimately, AzBat doesn’t act at all, and Robin arrives just in time to see Abattoir plummet to a fiery death.

Two hours later, in the Batcave, Jean-Paul collapses to his knees in anguish. And elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse, the last weight drops, and Graham Etchison dies – alone.

Graham Etchison dies in Abattoir's death trap while Jean-Paul cries out in the Batcave.

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