Detective Comics #676 Recap

Azrael continues his hunt for LeHah, while Bruce takes on another Disciple.

Detective Comics #676

Written by Chuck Dixon
Pencils by Graham Nolan
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Darren Vincenzo & Scott Peterson

We open with Nightwing & Robin repelling into the Batcave. Their mission is to plant some bugs so they can monitor Jean-Paul. As they work, the two recap why Bruce chose Jean-Paul over dick. The two think they hear Azrael appraoching, so Nightwing prepares to attack.

Elsewhere, Azrael interrupts an arms deal, and while interrogating the merchant over where LeHah is, he’s once again tormented by the spirit of St. Dumas.

Back in the cave, Robin stops Nightwing from attacking Harold. Harold gives them some info on the Subway Rocket.

In Gotham, Azrael interrogates a gang member from the arms deal about his contact.

I feel very confident this bit inspired part of the climax of the movie Kung Fu Jungle/Kung Fu Killer.

Bruce, in the mask of the “bat-tengu” is led by some ninja to the next disciple of the Armless Master, for a battle in a busy freeway. Well, less “led” and more driven – like game. In the middle of the fight, he’s attacked by yet another disciple, who accidentally takes herself out (non-lethally) by getting her weapon caught on a semi.

Someone rolled a critical botch.

The issue ends with Tim & Dick watching on their bug as Azrael once again argues with an unseen ghost of St. Dumas.

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